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    Acupressure Therapy Combo

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    Acupressure Therapy Combo
    The mystical bed of nails originated over 1,000 years ago and was used by gurus in the practice of meditation and healing. We have created a modern, ergonomically designed version of that ancient technology to model those same deep healing effects.

    You can't put a price on health. AasanaMat™ Acupressure Mat Combo has been proven to improve your quality of life. In less than 20 minutes each day, watch your muscle tension go away, energy levels increased and sleep cycles improved! 


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    What Are The Benefits?

    How Does It Work?

    Acupressure is essentially a method of sending a signal to the body (through spikes in our case) to “turn on” its own self-healing or regulatory mechanisms. Normally, Qi (vital energy) circulates through natural pathways in the body called meridians. Acupressure helps to correct functional imbalances and restore the flow thus returning the body to a more natural state of well-being. For more details, please visit the 'How It Works' section.


    Why AasanaMat?

    Why2 Aasana Mat Acupressure  Therapy Pain Relief Blood circulation muscle recovery fatigue 

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