Follow this simple guide to make sure your dogs enjoy their new toy!

We know it can be super exciting to turn on the motor and let the fish flop away! However, we'd advise you to slowly introduce the Floppy Fishy to your dog without turning it on. Let your dog get comfortable with the toy and let them play with the inoperable toy. Once they are comfortable, you may turn on the Floppy Fishy and reinforce the behavior with treats. Some dog may immediately be tempted to play, but some may still be cautious. Take your time!

All Floppy Fishys should come with batteries charged. However, it may be possible for it to lose its power during transit. Charging should not take longer than 1 hour and should last up to 5 days of playtime.

The Floppy Fishy can manually be turned on and off. While it is on, it will flop whenever motion is detected. If there is no motion, it will conserve power and stay still. If the Floppy Fishy is turned off, it will be inanimate until turned back on.

About the product

More about the Floppy Fishy and how it works!

We only use high quality durable, and non-toxic plush cotton for the Floppy Fishy.

Only the cover & filling is machine washable, please do not include the electric motor or catnip when washing.

Yes! We've seen many customers use the Floppy Fishy as a great cat toy! Our materials are durable and safe! If there is anything wrong, you can always contact us for a replacement or a refund!

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